Ireland - Timber frame housing and material substitution

Timber framed construction has historically been used very successful around the world and is currently one of the main methods of construction gaining popularity with the self-builders of Ireland. However, little information exists pertaining to the performance of these buildings relative to conventional masonry construction in the Irish context. In particular, the influence of timber frame construction on the building energy rating (BER) has not yet reached a ubiquitous consensus in Ireland, nor has any quantification of the potential influence been put forward.  Furthermore, the role of timber based construction in facilitating compliance to recent building regulations (2011), demanding reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions, has not been sufficiently explored. In this case study, using data from established developments utilising both timber frame and insulation (e.g. Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary) coupled with continuous stakeholder interaction, a sustainability assessment of timber construction against the benchmark of conventional construction will be undertaken using metrics developed in BenchValue. Upon completion, this case study will provide a valuable oversight of the sustainability of material substitution in the Irish construction sector and the feasibility of timber construction moving forward.

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