Lithuania - CLT production as a house construction element

The production of cross laminated timber (CLT) is rapidly growing in Lithuania. Various size CLT is used in the construction sector (holding constructions for the large building’s or as a main material for small and medium size houses). One of the largest manufacturers of CLT structures in the Baltic States is operating in Lithuania “Jures wood”. The company has been manufacturing CLT beams since 1974 and production capacity has significantly increased in the last years. In total, 80% of the production is exported to the EU and Asia; meaning that conventional housing constructions like concrete and steel are locally preferred over CLT. This case study compares CLT structures vs conventional (non-renewable raw material) use in the construction sector in Lithuania.

Subcontracting: LAMMC will have a joint venture agreement with ASU University, Wood Science Institute to cooperate on Lithuanian case study.

Results of Ketso Workshop, 6th September 2018 (PDF)

Download the report (PDF)