Coordination and Outreach

Partners: EFI, IVL, BOKU, FCBA

WP1 focuses on coordination and outreach.

Coordination (Month 1-36)

EFI HQ will coordinate the BenchValue project and be the main contact point for the donor. Coordination ensures a clear and effective management and communication system, warrants of the internal and external communication and evaluation, and a smooth financial and administrative management. The aim is to ensure research standards and quality assurance, while minimising risks and maximising outreach of the project.

Outreach (Month 1-36)

Outreach will implement an efficient and effective dissemination plan and exploitation strategy increasing the impact of the project outcomes among the target audiences. The aim is to raise awareness of the BenchValue project and increase the level of engagement and exploitation of results among target audiences. EFI will facilitate open communication among project partners, stakeholders in the regions and outside the consortium.

Milestones and Deliverables

MS1.1: Project kick-off in Joensuu/Finland, hosted by EFI (M1)
MS1.2: Project Website (M3)
MS1.3: Mid-term progress report (including financial statements) (M18)
D1.1: Project roadmap (incl. kick-off report, roadmap and consortium agreement) (M2)
D1.2: Dissemination and Exploitation strategy and Plan (M2)
D1.3: Final report (including financial statements) (M36)
D1.4: Policy brief presenting BenchValue method, case studies and national recommendations (M36)
Austria, France, Ireland and Lithuania